Don’t forget about sex after your marriage


Don’t forget about sex after your marriage

Cultivate children to sleep in different rooms and catch good mornings. Too many males conceive their wives and have children as the beginning of their own practice.

In order to ensure the health of their babies, during the pregnancy of their wives, they willingly live a life of “no desire and no need”.

After the babies were born successfully, their “sex blessings” were rejected by “noisy children” and “too tired and uninterested”.

“I sometimes want to be close to my husband, but one is that it prevents the elderly from taking care of the children at home, which is inconvenient, and the other is that I have to take care of my family, children, and career.

A new mother told reporters during the interview.


hzh {display: none; }  华东师范大学心理中心主任叶斌告诉《生命时报》记者,近年来,新生儿影响夫妻生活的情况确实越来越多。  This influence is mainly reflected in the following aspects: First, the mother will spend more time taking care of the child, the feelings are scattered, and the degree of focus on the husband is definitely less than before, which makes the husband feel neglected.

Secondly, domestic children are basically used to sleeping with their parents. Even too many people go to primary school and are used to sleeping among their parents, which seriously hinders couples’ sexual life.

Third, some women have undergone caesarean sections, which can have psychological effects on both sides.

Fourth, modern people are very pressured to cope with work and children’s stress, and are more prone to “anger.” Some wives may blame their husbands for not doing household chores or suspect that their husbands are not earning enough money.

  At this time, I hope that the two sides can sit down and talk about each other in a problem-solving manner. “The two sides should re-plan their lives and find a solution instead of complaining each other.

We can have some experience abroad.

Ye Bin told reporters that in European and American countries, children are basically allowed to sleep independently in their rooms after the age of 3; usually, they will ask the babysitter to take care of the children regularly, and the armor allows them time to go out.

  These can be used as a reference for families raising their own children.

If the elders watch the children on weekdays, you can discuss with friends with young children on weekends, place the children in his home every week, ask him to take care of them, and contact his children at home one week.

In this way, parents can get rest and have time to relax themselves.

Then the couple can dress up, go out shopping, have a meal, watch a movie.

  In addition, after returning home from work, taking care of the children after dinner, the two parties are already very tired. At this time, they want to have a sexual life, it is very difficult to understand, and they can even dislike each other.

So you may choose to wake up early in the morning, when each other is full of energy, come to the field to subdivide the sex, shorter time is not a problem.

  Liu Jun, a physician in charge of psychiatry at Beijing Anding Hospital, who had visited the Marriage and Family Consultation Clinic, told reporters that the Chinese are “somewhat strange” about postpartum asexuality, which is a balanced state for more people.

If both parties don’t think this will affect the marriage, then don’t try to change it.