9 major therapies for the elderly psychological massage

9 major therapies for the elderly psychological “massage”

Humor: Humor is a beautiful 鈥渢ransformation agent鈥? It can make troubles into joy, make pain into happiness, turn harmony into harmony, help regulate emotions and eliminate physical and mental fatigue.
At present, some scientific research institutions in the United States have implemented “humor therapy”, which has caused many patients to relax their muscles and get rid of the psychological state of trouble, guilt and depression.
銆€銆€Music appreciation: Music can improve health, supplement disease, and make people live longer.
Frequently enjoying beautiful music, not only is good for cultivating sentiment, comfortable and refreshing, but also has the wonderful role of promoting the family to live in harmony.
Doctors engaged in “music therapy” pointed out that pleasant music affects the cerebral cortex through human hearing, and the endocrine system increases the secretion of some hormones and enzymes that are good for health. When a person hears his favorite music, he breathes.Deepen, the nerves relax and fatigue is eliminated.
銆€銆€Calligraphy: Calligraphy is a good health and fitness activity.
With a pen and a pen, not only can you enjoy the elegance of art, but you can also improve your health and health.
It is similar to Qigong and Taijiquan: there is movement in the static, and the outside is static.
When practicing the word, “intention to the pen first”, “deliberately calm”, when the pen is quiet, the body is calm, and concentrate on the mind, so that people can feel comfortable and enjoy it.
銆€銆€Painting: Painting is also an artistic activity that makes people feel comfortable and refreshed. Especially when they are painting in the wild, they can enjoy the beauty of nature and benefit their health.
Some hospitals abroad also use “painting therapy” to treat diseases, let patients through the painting, naturally vent their feelings suppressed in the heart, regulate the spirit, improve the condition, and accelerate the recovery of health.
銆€銆€Flower viewing: Planting flowers and plants on the balcony or at home, and staying in it, the mood is refreshing and refreshing.
Regular watering, fertilization, pruning, and transplanting can also make people’s personality cheerful.
Medical scientists have found that fragrant flowers have a special effect on psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety, delusions and phobias.
For example, the scent of Tianzhu can make the nerves calm and calm, promote sleep and eliminate fatigue; the fragrance of Milan can make the patients feel comfortable in the asthma; the lavender fragrance can reduce the heart rate of patients with tachycardia; the lilac flower has a town for patients with toothache.Painful and quiet.
銆€銆€Reading: Reading can transfer emotions and invigorate the spirit to enhance immune function, which is beneficial to health care.
Foreign countries have developed a unique “book therapy”. There are hospitals in Germany that have opened special libraries for patients, so that many patients with chronic diseases, especially those with nervous system and mental illness, indulge in the book and recover quickly.
銆€銆€Imagine: In recent years, some countries in Europe and America have used “imaginative therapy” to treat diseases.
Patients using this method can at least enhance the confidence to cure the disease, relieve pain and reduce torment.
The secret of 鈥渋maginative therapy鈥?is to build confidence in the patient, to see hope, and to increase the courage to overcome the disease.
銆€銆€Forgiveness: The anger is deeply hidden in memory, and always feels resentful. Only forgiveness can suppress the painful memories.
Forgiveness can heal psychological trauma, and even restore friendship, and reconciliation.
銆€銆€Self-speaking: Self-speaking can vent the thoughts and feelings of depression that have been suffered for many years, so as to obtain a balance between mental state and mental state.
This is because the tone of one’s own voice has a calming effect and can create a sense of security.