Country Love 12 focuses on current life

“Country Love 12” focuses on current life
The “Country Love” series has been contracted for the Spring Festival for many years, and has become synonymous with New Year’s Eve.”Village Love 12″ is currently being broadcast on Youku’s entire network. The play has inherited the previous plot, continuing to describe the emotional destination of Liu Yishui and Du Xiaoshuang, the development of the rich second-generation Li Cheng after inheriting the company, and the new Ivory Mountain F4 conventionLove and kill each other.After being popular for 14 years, the main characters in the play also had a “personal update”. “Little daughter-in-law” Wang Xiaomeng returned from studying overseas and grew into an independent, knowledgeable “big woman”, which began to happen directly with her husband, Xie Guangkun.conflict.The first episode of the “Love in the Country” series was released in 2006 and has accompanied the audience for more than ten years. The series focuses on the love life of college student Xie Yongqiang and rural female youth Wang Xiaomeng, shaping a group of fresh rural youth with a new era atmosphere.The image, through the love life of several pairs of young people, entrepreneurial stories, shows a picture of the love life of contemporary rural youth.”Country Love” has been focusing on the current life. This season has catered to the current popular Internet celebrities, anchors, online shops and other models to make new content, of which Wang Dana, played by Zhao Benshan, found a network celebrity anchor in order to sell dogs.Xiao Shuang will do the live broadcast.Zhao Benshan stills.The picture comes from the Internet. Although Ivory Mountain is still a small village full of joy and laughter and reveals the various states of life, the material changes are among them-the Tufangwafang has been upgraded, and the big pot dishes on the table are also coming.The more luxurious it is, the more modern it is expected, and the smaller businesses are getting bigger.After 14 years have passed, Liu Neng and Zhao Si are still mixing their mouths. Xie Dazuo ‘s small shop has become a supermarket but it is still the center of the village.Too many changes have taken place in the “village” of Ivory Village. Netizens laughed at “Love” and put down their value burdens, and collectively became “large”: Xie Yongqiang, Wang Xiaomeng, Liu Ying are all fat, Xie Guangkun has less and less hairThe head is completely “bald” and his head is getting rounder.Xie Guangkun’s hair changed less.The picture comes from the Internet. In this season, young people in Ivory Mountain have also begun to “force”. Young people represented by Du Xiaoshuang and Song Xiaofeng have begun to take over Ivory Mountain. They and Xie Yongqiang and others have become the main forces in the development of rural prosperity.The main character change in “Love in the Country 12” happened to Wang Xiaomeng. Wang Xiaomeng returned from studying abroad and grew from a shy character at the beginning of the episode to a big woman who can be alone. He is no longer blindly bullied by her husband Xie Guangkun.Xie Guangkun has a conflict.For example, because Xie Guangkun did not study well, he was not allowed to go to school, and he was allowed to learn masons at home. When Wang Xiaomeng knew that, he put him directly in school, and bluntly, she and Xie Yongqiang were responsible for the education of the child.Xie Guangkun couldn’t help vomiting with his family member Wang Laoqi: “I came back from a foreign country and talked to me like that. I didn’t have a smile at all.Netizens have been “gloomed with misfortune”, “Guang Kun’s good day is over.”Tips: African brother wears 5 autumn trousers to punch the ivory mountain January 16, at the ivory mountain village love shooting location, an international student from Burundi Qian Bowen took a selfie at Liu Neng’s home.Qian Bowen went to China to study three years ago, and following the drama to learn Chinese became a “town love fan”.I heard that “Country Love 12” came online before the Spring Festival and decided to take a look at Ivory Mountain.As the Spring Festival approached, there were few tourists in Ivory Mountain, but the villagers who guarded the shooting location helped Qian Bowen open the door of the script “Four Family”.At Liu Neng’s house, Qian Bowen opened the mat curiously to see what the structure of the farm’s kang was, and even satisfactorily took a selfie photo with Liu Neng’s photo indoors.Hearing that the local temperature was nearly 40 months lower than that of his hometown, Qian Bowen specially prepared 5 autumn trousers and rushed to the shooting location, but he was still frozen and shouted “too cold”.Qian Bowen said that he likes Chinese culture and learned to watch TV dramas. “He pulls me” and “thick bald skin” these northeastern dialects. He also said in his personal social account that the most admired person is the “poet” Song Xiaofeng in the drama.It is reported that the transformation of “Love in the Country” is broadcast on the Internet, and its influence has gradually expanded. Not only has it attracted tourists from the Northeast, but also southern tourists such as Chongqing, Sichuan, and Zhejiang will also organize groups to visit, even including foreign tourists. The average daily tourist volume last year reached 2000people.Sauna, Ye Wang Editor Liu Na proofreading Tong Shihui