2016 Snooker Champions League latest match news: Allen wins Selby semi-final match against O’Sullivan_1

2016 Snooker Champions League latest game news: Allen wins Selby semi-final match against O’Sullivan
In the early hours of November 10th, Beijing time, the 2016 Snooker Championship Challenge continued. In the second group, Chinese star Liang Wenbo was in a sluggish state and was eliminated by Selby 0-4.Selby and the Allen team finally met, Allen won the 6-5 lore and advanced to the semifinals, then against O’Sullivan.  Liang Wenbo 0-4 Selby (video video of the game) Liang Wenbo won the English Open Championship for the first time and was shortlisted for the championship. The opponent was the world’s first Selby in the group semi-finals. The two had not long agoIn the round of 16 in the National Championships, Liang Wenbo missed the match point and suffered a reversal. Selby also scored all the way to win the championship.  In the first game, the Sel ratio first got the chance, but then lost the middle bag of coffee balls, Liang Wenbo started with 24 points and the black ball made a mistake.In the struggle, Liang Wenbo won the phone meeting twice, but then the red ball of the bottom bag made another mistake. Selby scored a 1-0 lead in this game.In the second game, Liang Wenbo failed to score a goal, Selby established a 17-0 lead.In the struggle, Liang Wenbo missed the bottom of the bag and the black ball missed the ball. Selby took a 61-10 lead over the lead. Liang Wenbo tried to chase the point and failed. Selby won the game 2-0.  In the third inning, Liang Wenbo scored a red ball in a row for a long time, but the ball was missed. Selby then set up a 39-2 lead.Liang Wenbo was interrupted after chasing a score of 25-39, and Selby once again got a chance through the long bench, winning the game 3-0 to get the match point.In the fourth game, Liang Wenbo lost the ball and missed the ball. Selby then scored a single shot to win this game. Selby 4-0 zero Liang Wenbo advanced to the group final.  Allen 4-2 Joe Perry Allen’s opponent in the group semi-finals was Joe Perry. Joe Perry took the lead in the first game. After starting, he scored a 1-0 lead with 92 points in a single shot.In the second inning, Allen made a 61-0 start. Joe Perry then scored 41 points and then interrupted. Allen once again won by 1-1.  In the third inning, Allen won the phone meeting after falling behind 7-54, and then scored 56 points in a single shot to win the 2-1 overtake.Allen then won the fourth game 3-1 to get the match point, and in the fifth game Allen led 45-0, then Qiao Perry overlapped consecutively, twice won the game by exceeding the score, saving a match point 2-3 behind.In the sixth inning, Allen scored 116 points and broke 100 in a single shot, thus defeating Joe Perry with a total score of 4-2 and successfully advanced to the group final.  Selby 5-6 Allen (video video of the game) after a short break, the second group final started, Selby and Allen compete for the group qualifying.In the first game, Selby quickly entered the state. He scored 113 points in a single shot and won the game. Allen 88-46 triggered a tie of 1-1.In the third game, Selby established a 65-0 lead, then Allen single-handedly cleared the table with 66 points and reversed the 2-1 lead. In the fourth game, Selby scored 56 points in a single shot and scored a total of 2-2 level.  In the fifth inning, Allen lost his yellow ball after 33-4, then the game interrupted the continuous defensive struggle. Allen scored the last red ball after 43-45, and then scored a goal with a blue ball to win the game., Leading 3-2.In the sixth game, Allen caught Selby’s mistakes and started to lose the red ball after 39-12. Selby missed the ball and missed the ball. Allen seized the opportunity to clear the stage to win this game and lead 4-2.  In the seventh game, Selby scored 85 points in a single shot and narrowed the difference again. In the eighth game, Allen made a mistake after leading 65-0. Selby scored 16 points after the break and was interrupted. Allen won the game with a single shot., 5-3 got the match point.In the ninth game, Selby scored twice in the game and won this game, saving the match 4-5 behind.In the tenth inning, Allen took a 57-1 lead, and Selby, who was behind by a large score, then scored 63 points in a row to reverse the stage and save another 5-5 tie point.In the tiebreaker, Selby’s offense was interrupted after 43-0, and then Allen scored 62 points in a row to win this round, thus defeating Selby with a total score of 6-5 and successfully advanced to the top four in the championship.