Experts reveal the authenticity of 20 beauty secrets


Experts reveal the authenticity of 20 beauty secrets

Beauty recipes are like gossip news, which makes people want to stop.

Although most of the beauty rumors do not cause us direct harm, the wrong beauty advice has caused us to develop a lot of unhealthy beauty habits, causing indirect harm.

However, there are also good golden ideas, so we must be careful to distinguish between various claims.


Cucumber slices, cold tea bags and hemorrhoid cream can alleviate eye bags.


  Dermatologist Peter Vignjevic said: “These little tricks are actually useless!

No one knows what actually causes eye swelling, but it is most likely due to excess light accumulation in the eyes.

To solve it completely, you can only remove excess skin and aunt through surgery.

“However, some beauty products that specifically address the problems of bags under the eyes and dark circles can still play a positive role in dealing with eye problems.


Combing your hair 100 times a night can keep your hair healthy and shiny.


  ”When combing your hair with a pure bristle comb, there will be natural fat instead of bristle and transferred to your hair, so that your hair will become brighter.

“Hair stylist John Steinberg said.

Even if you have to comb a few times, it’s entirely up to you, if you have a good comb.


People with oily skin do not need moisturizing care.


  ”For people with oily skin, nourishing and moisturizing treatment is needed only after you wash your face and dry skin.

“Dermatologist Peter Vignevich said.

But there is one exception: if your skin is mixed, then you need a cream with a formula that does not cause acne. A refreshing moisturizer will not clog pores and cause acne.


Aluminum contained in antiperspirants can cause breast cancer.


  The Canadian Cancer Society says there is no evidence to date of a link between aluminum and breast cancer.

It’s just that people worry that aluminum, salt and some other chemicals interfere with the functioning of breast cells through lymphocytes under the arm, which is unfounded.


Applying Vaseline to your lashes will make them grow again.


  ”The thickness and length of the eyelashes completely determine the genetic factors,” said optometrist Monica Furmiss.

In fact, the thick paste-like vaseline applied to the eyelashes will block the eye glands at the edge of the inner eyelid, and our eyes need to rely on the glands to create tears to wash away the dirt in the eyes to prevent bacteriaInfectious.


The glucose lipstick you consume every year can be harmful to your health.


  On average, a woman consumes about four milligrams of lipstick per day, which means that even if you replace two hundred grams of lipstick, you need to use lipstick every day for hundreds of years.

Moreover, according to surveys, even if this amount of lipstick is used, there will be no harm to the body.

However, if you don’t want to make lipstick a “seasoning” of food, you must develop the habit of removing lip makeup before eating.
You cannot completely eliminate the aunt group.


  ”Because we are not sure what exactly caused the emergence of the temporary group (cellulite), we can only hope that it is preferably only a temporary appearance change.

“Said plastic surgeon Mariusz Sapijaszko.

You can apply a prescription cream containing vitamin A to alleviate the abnormal mass symptoms, and a “subcutaneous resection” surgery can eliminate the abnormal mass.


Storing perfume in the refrigerator will last longer.


  Fragrance expert Marian Bendeth said: “The oils and fats in the fragrance will penetrate into all small objects, rather than the debris and milk in the refrigerator, causing pollution.

In fact, the correct way is to put the fragrance in a cool, backlit place.


The split ends can be repaired.


  ”It is impossible to heal the split ends of hair!

Breaking through split ends is the best way to prevent split ends from hurting the entire hair.

However, if you leave your hair too long or your hair is naturally prone to split ends, then it is recommended that you use a professional salon product containing a soothing agent to regularly make a hair mask, which can nourish the hair and strengthen the hair.

“Hair stylist John Steinberg said,” Remember, long-term use can help solve the problem of easy split ends.


Drinking salt water in the morning is good for your health.


  Drinking salt water is good for health. It is necessary to drink salt water to replenish water after sweating in the summer. In the morning, supplementing water is not only beneficial, but also harmful to health.

Physiological research believes that although people do not drip during the night’s sleep, breathing, perspiration, and urinary are all in progress. These physiological activities consume a lot of water.

When you get up in the morning, the blood has become concentrated. At this time, if you drink a certain amount of boiled water, it can quickly replace the blood, instead of the hypertonic dehydration at night.

Conversely, drinking salt and boiling water will increase hypertonic dehydration and make people dry.

What’s more, the morning is the first peak of human blood pressure. Drinking salt and boiling water will increase blood pressure and endanger health.


Drink coffee to lose weight.


  Studies have found that caffeine has the functions of drainage and swelling. Most of the slimming products used in the application contain caffeine, so if you drink coffee directly, can you lose weight more effectively?

In fact, the caffeine in coffee not only does not help to lose weight, too much, it may even lead to acceleration, high blood pressure and insomnia. Coffee with milk and sugar is also more likely to make you fat.

In addition, coffee is acidic, it will stay in the human body for a period of time before it will decompose, and it will easily increase the burden on the organs. Of course, regular coffee and tea have a diuretic effect, but most of the body weight is water loss, notAuntie, its weight loss effect is very weak.


Toothpaste is the best weapon against acne.


  Dermatologist Peter Vignjevic said, “Some toothpastes also contain phenol peroxide (an ingredient that treats acne and also has a whitening effect), but in fact there is no scientific basis for removing acne with toothpaste, and some care products specifically for acneIn addition to benzene peroxide, it also contains other anti-acne bacteria that are more effective than benzene peroxide!

Therefore, if you have acne, don’t think that rubbing toothpaste will destroy them.


The more water you drink, the more hydrated your skin becomes.

  Dermatologist Consultant Nick Loewe said: “Drinking water does not rehydrate the skin.

The epidermis is the main barrier of the skin. It is responsible for maintaining the moisture level of the skin. If the barrier is intact, it can lock the water and prevent the loss of water.

Other organs in our body need water more than the skin.

Never squeeze acne.

Partly right!

  The best time to get rid of acne is when it matures, and the following are about the scale of squeezing acne: First, make sure that the acne tip is white.

Second, clean your fingers and tools.

Third, clean your face.

Fourth, use tissue paper to absorb the extruded liquid.

Fifth, after scarring the acne area, let it heal to a natural replacement. Do not try to remove the scar.


You need to change your shampoo and conditioner every few months. Don’t make your hair too accustomed to them.

Partly right!

  ”You need to change your shampoo and hair care product twice a year-not because you’ve developed what is called” immunity “against this product, but because of seasonal changes-from hot and close summer to dry and cold autumnYou must choose products with different moisturizing properties according to the season.


Hair stylist John Steinberg said.

You don’t need toner.

Partly right!

  ”Toner gently removes dead skin horny skin, but it is not a must-have product.

“Dermatologist Peter Vignevich said.

However, for people with blackheads, some toners contain the fruit acid component that can remove dead skin cells in the capillary pores, prevent acne, and use a toner to bring a cool and comfortable feeling.


“Sleep debt” is real, you cannot compensate for the lost sleep.


  ”Most women need 7 per night.

5 to 8.

5 hours of sleep, and the sleep time we lost because of staying up late for work and late night parties will always disappear and cannot be obtained.

“Said psychiatrist Rachel Morehouse.

  18 years old

Too much plucking will make your brows no longer grow.


  Hair removal specialist Nicolette Oakwell Morgan said: “People who have been accustomed to plucking their eyebrows for more than 10 years may have deteriorated or completely lost their hair follicle function, so no new eyebrows will grow.


Do not rub two wrists against each other as a way to absorb perfume.


  According to fragrance expert Marian Bendeth, this action “scratches” the oily ingredients in the perfume formula, thereby chemically changing the fragrance of the perfume.

The correct way is: no extra action is required, just spray the perfume on your body and let it slowly evaporate in the air.

  20 Do not remove beeswax during the physiological period.


  ”Changes in hormones in the body before and during the physiological period increase the sensitivity of nerve endings, which means that during this period of beeswax hair removal, you will feel more pain.

“Said hair removal specialist Nicolette Oakwell Morgan.

The best time to remove beeswax is after the physiological period.