Nightmares intensify the fear that the disease is ridden


Nightmares intensify the fear that the disease is ridden

A few days ago, “Life Times” combined with Health Channel, Sina Health Channel conducted a survey, among the 4,589 netizens, 32.

5% of people make a bad dream at least once a week, 37.

7% of people do more than once a month, and more than half a year.

2%, only 0.

6% of people have never had a terrible dream.

銆€銆€A terrible and terrible dream is also an experience that people all over the world have had.

According to a recent survey by the German Sleep Institute, 10% of the more than 4,000 Germans have had nightmares in the past six months, and 61% have occasionally had nightmares.

The advent of the financial crisis has nearly doubled the number of people who have had a terrible dream.

Professor Mark of the University of Wales, UK?

Prague Rove said that if people are recorded, one person may have a bad dream once or twice a month.

銆€銆€So why do people actually dream of evil?

What are the problems that often lead to evil dreams?

Our reporter interviewed relevant experts.

銆€銆€Three people love to make evil dreams. “Dream is a state that is accompanied by the human sleep process. There is a quick eye in sleep. If you are dreaming and just woke up, you will remember.

“Psychoanalyst expert, Zhang Tianbu, chief physician of the mental outpatient department of Shaanxi Provincial People’s Hospital, said.

銆€銆€Modern brain science and sleep medicine confirm that no matter how you feel, there are about two hours a night dreaming, and on average, four or five dreams.

In other words, if you live to 80 years old, you may cause 100,000 dreams in your life.

銆€銆€”Although there is no forecast data, fierce competition, tremendous pressure, fast-paced life, etc., have caused more and more modern people to be entangled in nightmares.

Xu Jianyang, director of the psychological department of the Armed Police General Hospital, said that relatively speaking, people who are accustomed to thinking, tend to be nervous, depressed, and pessimistic often have nightmares.

Studies have shown that there is a kind of person who is more likely to make evil dreams: young people “have been affected by the financial crisis, and people who have turned to help me because of the terrible dreams have nearly doubled.”

In the past, this group of people only accounted for 5% of my outpatient volume, and is expected to increase to 10%.

“Sleep expert, Shi Ming, deputy director of the Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine Insomnia Medical Collaboration Center, said in an interview with the “Life Times” reporter that he was worried about sudden unemployment and excessive work pressure, which made young people become the main force in his outpatient clinic.”.
銆€銆€Women recently, researchers at the University of the West of England tracked for 5 years and found that 19% of men and 30% of women said they were about to have a nightmare. Women were more likely to bring their daily worries and other emotions into their sleep, and they felt more like a bad dream.serious.
銆€銆€Professor Mark said that the frequency of nightmares may also be related to age.

About a quarter of children aged 5-12 in a week are awakened by bad dreams.

The reason is that children’s brains are still developing, their emotions are more affected by the outside world, and their terrible dreams are often tracked.

In addition, the frequency of terrible dreams increases from adolescence to adulthood, and then begins to decrease.

銆€銆€How many kinds of nightmares are divided, although the dreams are strange, but Dr. Patricia of American Clinical Psychology?

Garfield’s research shows that even more than 6 billion people around the world can’t escape 12 dreams.

Among them, people often dream of being chased, followed by lost, falling from height, and ugly and injured in public.

Dr. Haifule, an expert on evil dream research at the German Sleep Institute, said in an interview with the reporter of Life Times that the terrible dreams are mainly divided into three types: being chased or threatened by life; losing loved ones or favorite items; getting lost or beingCompletely unfamiliar environment.

To some extent, nightmares are also a “preview” of the horror scenes that people worry about in the brain.

銆€銆€Among them, the “inability to force” nightmare, such as being chased or unable to escape, is the biggest invasion of the respondents, 37.

7% of people said that they often do this kind of dream.

Therefore, Professor Cong Zhong, the chief physician of the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy at the Sixth Hospital of Peking University, believes that this type of dream suggests that the owner may feel fear in real life and fears being eliminated in the fierce competition.

銆€銆€The ratios of “weird type” and “accident type” are selected to be 15, respectively.

6% and 11.

4%, if you dream that you will fly but suddenly fall from the sky, be chased by beasts or monsters, earthquakes, air crashes, etc. This shows that the owner has a sense of loss, in reality, what he hopes is not realized, I think that I am a no-brainer.People whose abilities have not been shown.銆€銆€Another 8.

1% of people often dream of their own public ugliness, such as the 鈥渟hameful face鈥?of naked and ugly, which means that you feel lonely and lonely inside, or that some of your embarrassing events encountered during the day are further 鈥渄educted鈥?in your dreams, etc.

銆€銆€”Many people think that ghost dreams are definitely harmful. In fact, from a psychological point of view, no matter whether it is a dream or a nightmare, you can help you understand yourself more clearly and detect the real emotions that you have neglected or suppressed in real life.

Zhang Tianbu said that the evil dream is actually the release of fear during the day, fear, shyness, guilt and other emotions at night, but can lead to the role of mood regulators.

銆€銆€Nightmares predict that certain diseases and nightmares are not only related to mood.

A study by the German Sleep Institute pointed out that if a person repeatedly makes a bad dream, it may indicate a problem with his health.

Dreaming that the throat is stunned may be inflammation of the tonsils; dreaming of falling from a height may be a sign of heart disease; children often have unfortunate dreams may be a problem with the gastrointestinal system; for the elderly, it may be sufferingDementia or Parkinson’s disease.

“If you do the same dream for a long time, dreaming of an organ of the body, such as the liver, teeth, etc. will be painful, it may also indicate that this fact does have health risks.

Shi Ming said.

銆€銆€In addition, there are several reasons why you may be blinded by unfortunate dreams.

Xu Jianyang said that the first is that the sleeping position is wrong, sometimes the hands are pressed against the chest, squatting, and the quilt covered in winter is too heavy.

The second is to see, hear, hear, and touch irritating scenes during the day. If you encounter a car accident, these scenes will be reproduced in the brain and even enlarged.

In the end, I experienced some major traumas in person. The most typical ones are the huge disasters such as the Southeast Asian tsunami, the Wenchuan earthquake, and mine disasters.

And major family accidents, experiences that are unbearable when you are young, and so on.

銆€銆€A few tricks will help you stay away from the nightmare and terrible dreams, and make the nerves of the modern people who are not relaxed more tense.

This survey shows that 47.

4% said that bad dreams affect their sleep quality;

6% of people said that they increased their psychological burden, became more and more worried, depressed, etc.;

9% of the people are more serious, so they are unable to concentrate, affect their work and life, and need treatment; only 24.

7% said “nothing”.

銆€銆€Several experts have pointed out that in fact, bad dreams and the quality of sleep are necessarily inextricably linked.

But if the evil dreams keep you yawning during the day and can’t concentrate on work and life, don’t hinder the following methods:

In this case, the most effective way is to adjust the mentality during the day and reduce the occurrence of repeated stimuli.

Everyone is under pressure, the key is to be a manager of their own emotions, to maintain a peace of mind, to prevent avoidance of tension, worry and other negative emotions.

銆€銆€Develop good sleep habits Gao Wei, deputy director of the Department of Neurology, Yuquan Hospital, Tsinghua University, said that it should be a good habit to sleep regularly before 12 o’clock in the evening. It is recommended to use soft quilts such as silk.

Do not exercise for two hours before going to bed, do not look at stimulating books, film and television works, quote light music, look at easy books, take a warm bath, bubble feet, can ease tension.

銆€銆€Eat less spicy and high-fat foods before going to bed.

A study published in the journal International Psychophysiology shows that because spicy foods can increase body temperature, eating before going to bed can disturb sleep, leading to frequent dreams.

A 2007 study published in the Psychological Report also showed that the more high-fat foods eaten during the day, the better the probability of poor sleep quality.

In addition, excessive drinking can also lead to terrible dreams.

銆€銆€Recording Dreams to Help Solve Problems Dr. Haifult suggested not to hinder each time writing, drawing a scary dream scene or recording a dream, helping doctors diagnose the condition and developing treatment plans to eliminate the damage caused by harmful dreams.

Experts in the clumps must pay attention to the two major points of the plot of the dream and the mood of your dreams.

銆€銆€”Scientific understanding of dreams is very important, especially the terrible dream. It is often the ‘past style’ of your real life.

“Zhang Tianbu experts, the dream will not necessarily come true, so bad dreams.

As long as it does not affect your quality of life, you can easily stay.