Annoying frostbite

Annoying frostbite

Frostbite is a peripheral inflammatory skin disease caused by cold. It is a common disease in winter. According to relevant statistics, 200 million people are currently affected by frostbite every year, mainly children, women and the elderly.

Once frostbite occurs, it is often difficult to cure quickly in the cold season. It will gradually heal after the weather warms up, but it is difficult to completely repair it in six or seven months.

Therefore, it is easy to regenerate in the second year.

To reduce the occurrence of frostbite, the key is to prevent it before winter.

Frostbite is more common in children and those with poor peripheral blood flow, often recurrent.

Skin lesions occur in the exposed parts of the hands, feet, ears, and face.

It appears as swollen purplish plaques, the local temperature becomes lower, and it can fade when clogged. After the pressure is removed, the red gradually recovers. When the disease is severe, blisters and bullae may appear. Complications can form erosion, ulcers, and remain after healingPigmented or atrophic scars.

Patients with discoid lupus erythematosus, systemic lupus erythematosus, and cryoglobulinemia also often develop frostbite-like skin lesions.

  Treatment of frostbite is mainly to improve the local microcirculation, improve the ability of tissues to engage in cold, so that patients can survive the cold wave invasion, no hair or light hair throughout the winter, to reduce the period of damage, increase the repair period, so that it does not occur in leap years.

Generally, one or two years without treatment, it is considered cured.

  First, local treatments are: 1.

Drug soak therapy.


Topical application of various creams, ointments, tinctures, tinctures, plasters, etc.


Physical therapy, such as phototherapy (infrared, far-infrared, ultraviolet, laser, etc.), electrotherapy, thermotherapy, hydrotherapy, acoustic therapy, magnetic therapy, physical therapy (massage, massage), etc.

  Second, Chinese medicine treatment 1.

Chinese herbal medicine mixture: Coated with compound aconite.

  Composition: 50 grams of raw Chuanwu, 50 grams of raw grass Wu, 50 grams of cinnamon sticks, 40 grams of mirabilite, 20 grams of asarum, 20 grams of safflower, 15 grams of camphor, 1000 ml of 60% alcohol.

  Usage: Firstly grind the raw Sichuan black, raw grass black, cinnamon sticks, asarum, safflower into coarse powder, then mix with thenardite and camphor and fill it in an alcohol bottle for 7 days.

Use a cotton swab to dip the affected area and rub it frequently while wet, once a day in the morning and evening (three or four times a day in severe cases), about 5 minutes each time.

This party is a prescription, which has special effects.

  Such as frostbite ulcers should be externally applied with “frostbite oil”.

“Frozen sore oil”, also known as frostbite sore special effect cream, is prepared as follows: take an appropriate amount of healthy yellow dog feces, torture it into oil, and apply cold oil to the ulcers, three times a day, usually about one week, sores can heal.This is a special effect therapy.

The above treatments are effective, and readers may wish to try.

  Note: Compound aconite can only be used externally, and it must not be taken internally. This medicine should be kept by special personnel to prevent children from taking poisoning by mistake.

Please put the medicine in a place out of the reach of children and keep it in a safe place.


Summer frostbite If frostbite is actively prevented in summer, it will be effective in winter.

This is also a concrete manifestation of the traditional Chinese medicine treatment of winter and summer diseases.

  (1) Select mature purple-skinned single head garlic, peel off the outer skin, mash it into mud, and expose it to the sun in the sun until it is warm, and apply the garlic purely to the parts that are easily frostbite in winter.

Apply 3-5 times a day for 5-7 days.

  (2) Take 5-7 dried red peppers and boil them with water to make a hot pepper soup. When the water is not hot, wash the parts that are prone to frostbite once a day for 5 days.

  (3) Take fresh sesame leaves and rub them on the skin with frostbite for 20 minutes, leave the leaf juice on the skin, and wash them with water after 1 hour.

Repeat several times a day for 1 week.

  (4) Ginger slices rub frequently on frostbite, 1-2 times a day, even for 1 week.

  (5) 10 grams of safflower and 15 grams of cinnamon sticks. Scrub the frostbite-prone parts once a day for 5 days.

  (6) 50 grams of fresh eggplant roots, scrub the affected area when the juice is not hot after frying, once a day.  Third, the prevention of frostbite The specific method for preventing frostbite is to soak cold frostbite sites such as hands and feet with cold water from the end of autumn and early winter.

Start soaking for half an hour every day, then soak for an hour, and then pay attention to local warmth. For example, if you go out early, use a mask, gloves, windproof earmuffs, and scarves.

Shoes should also be warm, but not too tight.

In addition, in the late autumn and early winter season, you can eat some warm foods such as beef and mutton to enhance the body’s cold resistance.

If it is a person diagnosed with Yang Deficiency and Inner Cold by traditional Chinese medicine, you can take a proprietary Chinese medicine such as Liuwei Dihuang Pills as early as possible for prevention.

  In addition, you should often participate in physical labor and physical exercise, such as playing basketball, running, and climbing to enhance physical fitness and promote blood circulation.

You should also do diligent activities, change shoes and socks, wash feet, wipe ears and noses frequently, do not wear shorts or too small, too tight shoes and socks, do not get cold, keep warm.