The way to health – Qing Xin health method

The way to health – “Qing Xin” health method

In the development of the motherland medicine, it has formed the overall concept and the characteristics of syndrome differentiation and treatment, and pays special attention to the study of pure heart and health.
The way to keep in good health is to get the “law”.
If a person wants to live a long and healthy life, he must not only have a healthy heart, but also a healthy and appropriate method.
Therefore, in order to master the way of Chinese health, we must also pay attention to the specific method of pure heart.
銆€銆€Meditation and thoughts This is an effective means of relieving mental fatigue.
When a person is upset, sitting alone in a room with soft light, moderate temperature and quiet environment, the eyes are slightly closed, and then slowly inhale and then slowly exhale, repeating several times, let the feeling of relaxation spread throughout the body.
Then, use imagination to let yourself be in a pleasant natural environment, try to experience the beauty of the imaginary environment, such as the sea breeze, the birds and flowers. let yourself experience comfort from the sound, color, smell, and then slowOpen your eyes slowly.
銆€銆€Chat and brainstorming Chat is both a happy activity that benefits the body and mind, and an effective and enjoyable means of getting a good mood.
After the holiday tea, friends and family gathered together, family reunion, blowing “Shan Hai Jing”, swearing at home, is undoubtedly a fun brain exercise.
Let the brain get a “bodybuilding exercise” in a harmonious atmosphere.
Chat can also eliminate the accumulation of stagnation, forget the hardships, make people happy, and music can be happy, music can make people live longer.
銆€銆€绮剧鑳滃埄娉?浜洪檯浜ゅ線骞堕潪澶勫閮介槼鍏夌伩鐑傦紝鎬讳細閬囧埌涓€浜涙剰鎯充笉鍒扮殑涓嶆剦蹇殑浜嬶紝瑕佸敖閲忓浼氫粠鍏夋槑闈㈢湅闂锛岃鍠勪簬涓鸿嚜宸辨壘鈥滀笅鍙版瀛愨€濓紝瑕佸鐪嬪埌鑷繁鐨勪紭鐐癸紝Try to turn your attention as much as possible to make you happy and relaxed, and make yourself feel at ease, optimistic and cheerful.
銆€銆€Governing the body and raising the gods In the Three Kingdoms, Zhuge Liang had a famous saying: “The husband of the country is still governing the body, the way to govern, and to cultivate the gods, to govern the country, to be wise.”
“Gen Xian can Anbang rejuvenate the country, and raise the spirit to prolong life.”
Zhuge Liang compares the treatment of the body with the rule of the country, and the combination of cultivating the gods and cultivating the sages is an important part of cultivating the gods.
Chinese medicine believes that God is the master of one, and the commander of the internal organs.
God is the umbrella of the vitality of the human body and is of great importance to the health of the mind and body.
Ancient Chinese doctors and thinkers have accumulated rich experience in the understanding and practice of health and longevity, and there are many incisive expositions.
In the original Taoist training, he said: “The spirit of the husband is ambition, and the person who is still in the day is strong, and the person who consumes the day is old.”
“Nei Jing” said: “The gods are prosperous, the lost gods are dead.”
“It can be seen that the consumption of God is related to the strength and the oldness of man; the gains and losses of God are related to the pros and cons of man.
“God is clear and flat, and every festival is good.” Rejuvenation is the foundation of health.
銆€銆€Emotional adjustment method Seven emotions can cause illness, and can also cure diseases.
Emotional therapy is the use of this principle to regulate emotions for the purpose of treatment.
This therapy mainly uses the five elements of doctrine, based on the restrictive relationship between the five elements, the formation of the sorrowful anger, the anger and the sorrow, the sorrow and fear, the sorrow and joy, the joyful and sorrowful emotions and the psychological therapy;Cognitive ability, understand the truth of passion and illness, to achieve the rationality of treating or preventing emotional diseases; the physiological and pathological changes caused by the use of passion and stress, to receive the passion of treatmentStimulation method; there is also the use of emotional bipolar treatment of emotional disease, the opposite emotional therapy.
銆€銆€Speech Initiation Method This method is derived from “Lingshu?”
The Master’s Biography: “Tell it to its defeat, the language is based on its goodness, and its guidance is based on its own convenience. It is hard to open it. Although there are people who have no way, do you not listen to it?”
“The slogan, language, guide, and opening are the basic essentials of speech enlightenment.”
A medical record recorded in the “Puji Party” is to analyze the pathological pathogenesis of patients, so that they are convinced and convinced, without receiving medication, they have received immediate therapeutic effects.
“There are people who are born in Dong, who are upset.
Every bedroom is flying, and the body is in the bed, and the spirit is inseparable, the horror is stunned, the evening is innocent, and the doctor is not effective.
For the consultation, the inquiry: 鈥榃hat is the treatment of medical treatment?
鈥楧ong Wei: 鈥楢ll people think that they are sick.
鈥榊u 鏇? 鈥業n terms of pulse, the liver is suffering from evil, not heart disease.
. So when you lie, the soul is in the liver, and you are calm and stunned.
This liver has evil, the soul can not return, but the lying soul is still in the body.
The liver is angry, so the little anger is drama.’Dong Xinran said: 鈥楤efore this has not been heard, although I have not taken the medicine, I feel that I am going to go to the body.

“The method of shifting the fine gas to the gas is a method of Chinese medicine.”


In the theory of shifting the essence of gas, it is said: “The ancient cures the disease, but it can only be promoted.”

“Through language, behavior, dance and other forms of wish, mobilize the patient’s positive factors, shift its attention to local pain, change its vicious circle, and thus form a good state of mental self-defense, easy to move, change blood, toMobilize the power of the human body to achieve the role of treatment of disease.

銆€銆€Some diseases can be calmed down by changing the environment, and using the method of sitting still and calmly, to reach another level unswervingly, so that the disease can naturally heal.

“You Yuzhai Medical Words” records such a case: “The former Ming Daolin Lin Jiang occupies the disease, and the age of Yihai is very beneficial.

Mr. is abandoning medicine and borrowing a room from Daolin.

Close your eyes, sit silently, often stay up all night, not on the table.

One day, Xu Xiangjin was full of mines, and there was a vainness. Before the glimpse, there was a sudden change between the provinces, and Shen Yu had already gone to the body.

“The method of “Qing Xin Yang Sheng” ancient ancient poets won the purpose, Lu You’s “human illness and self-discipline”, Bai Juyi’s “heart is from the doctor” said that all are to raise the heart, to prevent heart disease.

Zhu Xi’s 鈥渉eart is self-contained鈥? Wang Jingzhuang’s 鈥渉eart wide out of juvenile鈥?tells us that raising a heart is to maintain a broad and stable mentality. If a person is not old, he will be young forever.

銆€銆€Folks have a saying that there are germinations in the spring, and all kinds of chronic gastritis, stomach ulcers, gallstones, hepatitis and other diseases are most likely to recur in spring. If there have been these diseases, in this season, hawthorn, ebony and other acidic foods.It is best to eat less to prevent liver gas from getting too high and hurt the soil. If you have gallstones and liver diseases, in addition to acid-saving and sweet, you should also control the greasy food, so as not to cause the stomach fire to rise due to the digestive system.Soil rot is aggravated or repeated.

銆€銆€Because of the relationship between the five elements and the comparison between the five lines, we must look at the problem.

In spring, it is a high-risk season for cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure. It is because the liver gas is too high and the fire is excessively excited. The corresponding heart under the label of fire is abnormal. It is not necessarily the case. As long as the liver is adjusted, you canTo a certain extent, reduce the symptoms of these diseases, including the impact of liver wood caused by Wangmu injury on the respiratory system.

銆€銆€In fact, no matter how it is adjusted, the adjustment is the corresponding strength. In essence, it is the relative value of each other. In the case of Wang Mujin, it can be adjusted by the enhancement of the leveling wood, or by the deficiency of the supplementary gold.Adjustment, because the enhancements and deficiencies here are relative.

However, it should be noted that after being strengthened or weakened in a pair of relationships, the degree of correspondence between any one of the pair of relationships at the same time and other other lines will also change, so the scorpion touches the image according to some dogmas.What can be supplemented by something can only be more and more chaotic, and the more you eat, the more you eat.

In addition, each person’s physical condition and indications are different, that is, the origin of the so-called one-person one, the same is true for diet and health, such as honey, sugar cane, and rock sugar, although they are eaten in spring, but if the blood sugar is high,People are not suitable, although bananas and pears are also suitable for spring, but if there is spleen and stomach or stomach upset, it is not suitable for eating.

In addition, there are also mutual influences between foods, such as 18 and 19 fears. Many people only know that some of the benefits of something are blindly eaten, and the lack of often overlooks the inability to eat at the same time.What, what can’t be eaten by people, and what time or situation it is not suitable for eating, this is not only insufficient, sometimes even dangerous, the human body is a wonderful world, not just eating somethingHow can it be, except for potent poisons.

銆€銆€Spring is still a season of love itch.

After a covered winter, our skin cuticles have become much thinner, and melanin is much less. If you don’t believe it, you can roll up your pants to see if you have big white legs.

Although this is a rare good thing for some people who want to be white as if they fall into the tank, but at the same time our skin’s ability to protect against UV rays and other external damage factors is also the weakest in the year.when.

The itch is not only because the stratum corneum of the skin is formed, but also because it is stimulated by the outside world. Others may be allergic. If you are also a sensitive person, then there is less animal head and hoof in this season.Eat something, of course, and seafood.

For people with allergic skin diseases, the spring diet should be more faint, like a hot pot. When someone else eats it, it will be a good time to see it. If you think it’s not true enough, you can help others.Ending.

銆€銆€When it comes to allergies, it is the most common pollen allergy, and the wind associated with it is naturally confusing.

Wind can not only help pollen travel, but also promote the loss of transition.

In the Yellow Emperor’s Nei Jing, the wind made the judgment of the beginning of the disease. In fact, I think it is a big justice and wrong case. In the influence of the wind on people’s health, at most, the individual is stealing him and giving him a gun.Roles.

For example, the combination of cold and cold into “wind cold”, and wet combined into “rheum”, Beijing’s spring is a windy season, as the saying goes, dressing in February and August, in this season of high and low temperatures, the most important thing is to watch the windBeing attacked by people who are cold, it is necessary to bring clothes with you.