39-year-old Carter can still fly!The show windmill returns to 2000 at this moment_1

39-year-old Carter can still fly!The show windmill returns to 2000 at this moment
Although he is almost 40 years old, Vince Carter, the strongest deputy in history, has not given up his yearning for the sky.At today’s training ground, Carter once again pulled out a windmill, the movement is still as perfect as when he was young.  This season will be Carter’s 19th season, and in January of the following year, Carter will also enter his 40th year.Although he only contributed 6 per game last season.6 points, just a career average of 18.8 points total.But last year, he still completed 16 dunks.In the current state, Carter can still dunk at will in the new season, giving fans a wonderful moment.  In the game with the 76ers just a few days ago, Carter jumped high in the game and completed a strong deduction.At that time, the Grizzlies substitute power forward Troy Williams broke through the penalty area and hit a wooden basket. Carter pressed the ball into the basket and then made a signature motorcycle ride. He calmly ran back to half.  With Carter’s ease of making big windmill dunks, he still made this movement as light as before.And his slam dunk made people miss the half-man and half-god in the 2000 dunk contest. Even Carter said that he was very fascinated when he remembered his performance in the 2000 dunk contest.  The next season is likely to be Carter’s curtain call performance, and the veteran is also about to surpass the league.Therefore, his classic slam dunk is also seen once less.