Middle-aged health

Middle-aged health

Introduction: On the surface, middle-aged people are strong and full of energy.

In fact, from the perspective of physiological changes and the function of internal organs.

Middle age has entered a period of transition from prosperity to decline.

Many so-called geriatric diseases do not occur until old age, but mostly occur in middle age, but the early symptoms are not obvious and are ignored.

In particular, many chronic diseases, such as high blood pressure, arrhythmia, coronary heart disease, ulcer disease, chronic bronchitis, etc., often develop in latent forms with insidious attacks.

Too many middle-aged people have job opportunities, lack the necessary health knowledge, and tend to ignore the disease; some people do not know their own health, still smoke a lot, inhale alcohol, and pay no attention to nutrition and exercise.

Once fatigue is over and resistance is reduced, the hidden dangers may suddenly strike.

Health care depends on oneself. Everyone should integrate health care into their daily work and life, and strive to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Middle-aged people should reasonably arrange the pace of life, ensure long-term sleep, and learn to obtain it in tensionRest and adjust, combining work and rest, to prevent overwork.

Actively participate in various cultural and sports activities to make life rich and colorful.

No smoking competition wine.

Develop good hygiene habits.

Ensure reasonable nutritional requirements. Reasonable dietary nutrition is the material basis for maintaining the health of middle-aged people. Good dietary habits are conducive to the prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and cancer.

How much is the diet, and gradually balance the nutrients.

Get enough protein every day.

Properly increase vitamins and calcium, phosphorus, zinc, iron, etc., and do not ignore vitamin intake.

Eat more fish, milk, beans, fresh vegetables and fruits and other nutritious foods.

The amount of food should be properly controlled according to physical exertion; eat less salt and foods high in cholesterol, and sweets should be properly controlled.

Emotional self-control Emotion is the cause of many diseases and has a significant impact on middle-aged health. Therefore, you must learn to control and transfer your emotions.

Correctly deal with the psychological conflicts that have occurred, cultivate stable and optimistic emotions, find a spiritual pillar in your career, and change your impatient, strong, and impulsive personality.

To treat a diseased person correctly to middle age, he must have a general understanding of his health and master certain knowledge of disease prevention.

When you feel unwell or have abnormal manifestations, you should go to the hospital for examination in time. You must not just focus on your work and ignore your health, which delays the timing of early detection and early treatment.

Conditional ones should also insist on regular health checks.