Ancient female medical scientist’s allusion highlights


Ancient female medical scientist’s allusion highlights

In the history of civilian medicine, there have been many famous female medical scientists who are skilled in medical skills, noble in medical ethics, and help the wounded and dying of the people. They have won the respect and praise of future generations.

銆€銆€Medical technology is highly recruited into the palace in the Western Han Dynasty more than 2,000 years ago, Hedong place (now Fu County, Shanxi Province), there is a woman named Yizhen, she is a famous female doctor in the early history.

Since he was a child, he has been interested in herbs. When he was a teenager, he went to the mountains to collect medicines. After the erosion, he gave the villagers a cure for trauma.

As long as there is Langzhong passing by, she always asks humbly, and after a long period of time, she has learned a lot of medical knowledge and accumulated a wealth of clinical experience.

On one occasion, a patient with abdominal distension was lifted from the field. The stomach was bigger than the pregnant woman who was about to give birth. The umbilical eye was prominent, and the body was skinny and suffocating.

After taking a close look at her, she took out a few silver needles and tied them a few times in the patient’s abdomen and legs. Then she took out a packet of powder and sprinkled it on the patient’s umbilical eye, wrapped in hot water soaked sputum.And give the patient a Chinese medicine.

A few days later, the patient’s swelling gradually subsided, and in less than 10 days, the patient could get up.

Later, the medical skills of Yiwu were known by Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, and she was enlisted in the palace and sealed as a female doctor. She was specially treated for the Empress Dowager and won the trust of the Queen Mother.

銆€銆€He is good at acupuncture and moxibustion. He is a daughter of Baoan, a daughter of Guangdong Nanhai Taishou Bao. He is also a famous female doctor. His husband Ge Hong is a famous alchemy family in the Jin Dynasty. He has written famous medical books such as “Elbow Reserve”.

Due to the long-term deafness and family influence, she has created good conditions for medical treatment.

She has long followed her husband to practice medicine in Luofu Mountain, Guangdong Province, to treat the disease for the people. Lingnan, with the people, called her “Bao Xiangu”.

銆€銆€Bao Gu took medicine and traveled to Guangzhou, Nanhai, Huiyang, Boluo and other places.

She is well-versed and meticulous. She is good at acupuncture and is known for hertizing tumors and sputum.

She used the red foot of the wild mountain at the foot of Yuexiu Mountain to make moxibustion treatment for the disease. Therefore, later generations called this Ai “Bao Guai.”

After Bao Gu’s death, the Lingnan people commemorated her contribution to the medical cause and built Bao Guzhen in the Sanyuan Palace in Yuexiu Mountain, Guangzhou.

銆€銆€The book said that practicing medicine for the Ming Dynasty female doctor talks about Yunxian, Wuxi, Jiangsu, his grandfather used to be the Nanjing Criminal Department Langzhong, is a local famous doctor, grandmother is also very proficient in medicine.

Talking about Yun Yin, he was well educated by his family from an early age and studied medical knowledge under the guidance of his grandparents.

Shortly after her marriage, she was ill with blood disorders. She did not give up studying medicine. Instead, she took her own disease as a research object, and prescribed her own medicine, and finally cured the disease.

Soon, her grandmother was bedridden and passed on all the secret recipes and pharmaceutical tools to her before she died.

In the feudal society, some of the ancestral temples and wealthy genus, born gynecological diseases, due to the shackles of feudal society ethics, shame to ask male doctors for treatment, and thus often delay the illness.

Talking about Yun Yin’s medical skills is well known and well-known, and female patients have traveled.

Later, Tan Yunxian became a female doctor who specialized in gynecological diseases.

At the age of 50, Tan Yunxian wrote the medical skills taught by his grandmother and his many years of clinical experience into a “female doctor’s words”, which was passed on to future generations.

銆€銆€Proficient in surgical hand to the disease In addition to the Song Dynasty, there is a famous surgeon named Zhang Xiaoniang. Her medical skills are neither ancestral nor doctors, so where do they come from?

It is said that when Zhang Xiaoniang was young, one day, a Yunyou Langzhong passed by the door and asked her to drink water.

Zhang Xiaoniang saw that she was a silver-clad old man. When she was very angry, she invited him into the house, let the seat re-tea, and warmly served the food.

The old man saw her smart and wise, and her hands and feet were diligent. She taught her secrets such as surgery and cream, and gave her a secret and unclear.

Later, after continuous practice, Zhang Xiaoniang finally became a female doctor who is proficient in surgery.

All patients with sores and swollen patients come to seek medical treatment, and through her diagnosis and treatment, there is no surprise.

When the name is loud, the patient should not be able to take it.

She passed the surgical technique to her husband, so the couple became local doctors.