5G News will be delisted one day after launching. Is the spring short-lived of RCS?

“5G News” will be delisted one day after launching. Is the spring short-lived of RCS?
On May 10, the first Sunday after Labor Day, China Mobile’s “5G News” APP quietly launched on Apple and multiple Android phone brand app stores.Despite the joint release of the “5G News White Paper” by the three major operators mentioned above, there have been a lot of low-key appearances on the shelves this time, and many media and users noticed the APP with the unusual name for the first time.Some people cheered, and the implementation of the RCS application represented by 5G news finally took a substantial step.Some people also questioned why it was necessary to replace the 5G message of the “information” application in the mobile phone and develop an APP separately.Said the good operators and mobile phone manufacturers to promote 5G news, why China Mobile will take the first step?What is even more surprising is that only one day after the launch of China Mobile’s 5G messaging app, it was removed from the major application stores on the morning of May 11.The Air Force benefited from the concept of “RCS Rich Intermediary Communication” stocks that had multiple daily limits in 5G news. It also continued to decline after a rise of less than 2% in the morning, and finally closed in a small increase.After the “one-day tour” of the 5G news app, what form will the final landing take?Will RCS spring be a short-lived phantom?”5G Messaging” experience: you can book tickets without logging in, and both parties need to download the app for chat. When China Mobile’s 5G Messaging App was first launched, Sauna and Yeenet downloaded the app for the first time and experienced it.When it is opened for the first time, the APP will request to set “5G Message” as an alternative application.After the setting is successful, the mainstream SMS records on the mobile phone will appear in the “session” offset of the application home page.After sliding right to the “Discovery” column, service account numbers such as “Suning Tesco”, “Illegal Payments” and “Xiaodu Mall” will appear.China Mobile’s 5G messaging APP needs to be set as an alternative application.However, the experience of a certain account is very mature.The reporter opened “Suning Tesco”, and then, he could not perform operations such as shopping on the chat page. He could only participate in a question answering event, and the translation could not be transferred anyway.Ctrip’s intelligent chat robot is quite “smart” in conversation.The reporter then searched for the “Ctrip” service that once appeared in the 5G news video. This time, the smart chat bot is much “smarter” and the service can be carried out smoothly.The reporter enters the “train ticket”, and the other party asks which city to start from.When answering the question of departure time, the reporter deliberately did not enter a specific date, and replied “Tomorrow”. The other party then pushed multiple train tickets to the reporter on the page.After selecting a train ticket, the reporter can fill in the passenger information and complete the seat and seat selection without logging into the account.The payment options introduced later support Alipay and WeChat. The whole process is convenient and smooth, and the user experience is better.In the 5G messaging app, you can book tickets directly without logging in.After experiencing B2C interaction, the reporter chose another participant to try C2C personal interaction.The chat page of 5G messages is different from the traditional SMS page, and it is more like the interface of mainstream instant messaging tools like WeChat.In addition to sending text, it also supports default emoticons, voice and photos, files, contacts, and location information.However, after sending the above information to the other party, the reporter found that if the other party wants to see the content other than the text message, he must download an app called “Hefei” by himself.It is understood that this is a service variant of “Feixin”, which was once popular in China Mobile but defeated by WeChat.Users who do not have APP installed cannot open audio and picture messages sent by “5G Message” users.These uneven experiences show that this APP is not a mature version of 5G news landing.The explanation of the follow-up announcement of China Mobile also pointed out that the launch of the APP is to allow developers to experience the message interactive service after completing the development of the Chatbot (intelligent chat robot) application, attracting developers to actively participate in the cooperative ecological transformation of 5G messaging.Products that are not commercially released to customers.China Mobile denies “rushing”: it was removed due to technical problems and will be re-launched on April 8th, China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom and the antique online conference will release “5G News White Paper”, will 5G newsThis concept was pushed to the front.The white paper pointed out that 5G messaging service is a new upgrade of the original basic short message service of the terminal. It will break the length limitation of each message by traditional SMS, and the content will also break through the text limit, to achieve text, pictures, audio, video, location and other informationEffective integration.Enterprises can also output personalized services and consultation to users through rich media such as text, voice, and tabs.It is generally expected in the market that 5G messaging will continue to achieve the convenience and efficiency of information exchange on the basis of inheriting the traditional SMS-free login and application-free features.The research report issued by Guosheng Securities stated that the 5G message serial port is pre-installed with all software in the SMS APP, and it can be used when needed, without downloading a new APP.5G news is expected to become “Doraemon” in the APP, opening a new application layout during the 5G period.However, it is precisely the expectation of registration-free and installation-free for 5G news inside and outside the industry that China Mobile’s “5G news” APP has caused a lot of controversy.Some insiders pointed out that the essence of 5G news is RCS (Rich Communication Services & Suite), which is de-applied.If users need to download and install, instead of pre-installed in the mobile phone to replace the traditional SMS APP, this greatly increases the difficulty of popularization of the application.And after the previous three major operators jointly held a press conference to promote 5G news, China Mobile took the lead in launching such an app under the name “5G News”, which seems to be suspected of “robbing”.在回应中,中国移动也否认了“抢跑”的质疑:由于前期三家运营商联合发布5G消息白皮书,引发较高舆论关注,中国移动近日在应用市场上线该APP,是“为保护‘5G消息’名称不被恶意抢占”。Another reason for launching the APP is that some terminals currently do not support the 5G messaging function, so developers need to use it for development and testing.Senior telecommunications analyst Ma Jihua told Sauna and Yeewang that for the underlying application of messaging, all terminals and operators need to be integrated to form a smooth platform, so it does require some “patching” to cover users.However, he expects that the final commercial use of 5G news must be three together.”Whether it is from the regulatory level or the industry or enterprise level, there is no longer a price war, nor an application war. The three operators (later including China Radio and Television) will be marketing and working on the same big platform.Differentiated competition in the service sector.”Ma Jihua said that not only 5G news, but also from the issuance of 5G licenses to official commercial use, are all integrated and synchronized.”RCS concept stocks were cold. Huawei quietly updated the RCS service and only supported the one-day tour of the mobile number China Mobile “5G News” APP, which did not cause much shock in the capital market.On May 11, the “RCS Rich Media Communication” concept stock on the Flushing platform first rose by less than two percentage points. After the APP delisting news came out, it slowly spit back the growth rate and stretched slightly in the end, finally closing inUp 0.71%.The capital sentiment surrounding 5G news and RCS has become rational.Before and after the release of the “5G News White Paper” on April 8 this year, RCS concept stocks rose sharply, and several stocks such as Shenzhou Yuetai, Wutong Holdings, and Caixun stocks continued to limit daily.At that time, 5G news seemed to let the market see a new huge entrance, and even a voice pointed out that “WeChat finally met its opponent.”However, the restlessness of the capital market soon suffered a cold water from the regulator.Many of the stocks that have soared have received attention letters or inquiries.In his reply, Wu Tong Holdings stated that none of the three major operators ‘RCS systems have been put into commercial use, and the current business of the subsidiary Guodu Internet is still based on ordinary short MMS, that is, only texts and pictures are available, and it is not yet possible to provide customers with RCS-based messages.Value-added services have not generated revenue directly related to the RCS business, nor have they signed relevant business contracts and no orders in hand.The responses of several other listed companies are also similar, showing that 5G news and other RCS services have not really landed, and “Challenging WeChat” is impossible to talk about.Ma Jihua also pointed out that 5G news is not used to replace WeChat or to impact Alipay. They have no direct competitive relationship. This is an inevitable technology and an innovation at the bottom. “As for which application will take advantage of the new technology., No one knows. “The RCS service in Huawei phones is called “Enhanced Information”.Attentive netizens found that Huawei ‘s mobile terminal has quietly launched the “Huawei RCS Service”. This service does not support direct opening, but it can be checked by selecting “Enhanced Information” in the information app, which can send rich media information such as pictures and files.Under the mobile network, only charge the traffic fee, and under the Wi-Fi network, even the traffic fee is not required.However, the application currently only supports China Mobile users.After the service was launched by Sauna and Yewang, I immediately received a message reminder from China Mobile that I had opened the “Hefei letter” service.The SMS also specifically reminded that the business switch names of different brands of mobile phones may be different.”RCS is more like an upgrade to traditional SMS services.A person in the communications industry, who asked not to be named, told Sauna and Yewang that RCS is not a technology and concept unique to 5G. It was proposed in LTE, and China Mobile was the first to deploy it.”I feel that APP’s direct listing can be said that mobile is ready for direct commercial use.The person said, “Mobile is not reconciled to the failure of Fetion.”Once, China Mobile’s” Feixin “and China Telecom and NetEase jointly launched the” Easy “business, but the operators who were fighting each other had never been able to break the barriers of Internet companies.The three major operators joined forces to bring more than 1.4 billion potential users to the RCS business, but also let the upstream and downstream of the industry chain see their determined determination.However, from determination to landing, from breaking through the barriers between operators and terminal manufacturers, to truly entering the daily life of every user, 5G news and the RCS service behind it obviously have a long way to go.Sauna, Yewang Promise Editor Chen Li Xu Chao Proofreading Li Ming