Summer weight loss drink rose candied tea


Summer weight loss drink rose candied tea

Every summer, because of the summer dress, it is time for many people to start their own body. Now because of the general information about weight loss, many people are also very happy to share their weight loss experience, so the more they accumulateAll the tricks and tricks have come out.

This article discusses the topic of summer slimming secret recipe, and the results of the discussion are different.

銆€銆€I believe that most people who want to lose weight are not worried about the weight-loss drugs. They are skeptical about the ingredients in the slimming weight-loss tea, because they have to pay attention to the body after losing weight!

I can’t afford the kind of slimming center, so I started to drink tea, and the most weight-reducing “rose candied tea” in many formulas, in fact, it is mainly to eliminate constipation and help defecation.Because he will produce a good result soon after drinking, the effect is quite fast, and if the dose is heavy, there will be diarrhea, water diarrhea, people have immediate feeling, so many dieters will enjoy it, continueTry it, of course, the nutrients and fats in the intestines are also quickly drained. If you can eliminate the constipation in a row, you will also feel the lightness of the geese.

銆€銆€The secret recipe for weight loss is “Rose Jujube Tea”. I believe that the extra person has also heard that this is a natural and effective slimming remedy. Some people want to use it for laxation. Some people want to use it to lose weight. Of course, it is just a place to take it.Need it!

Because of the immediate effect, so its prestige will not go away.

銆€銆€Weight loss recipe Rose candied tea recipe material: California candied dates 5, pink roses can be a small meal (preferably buy already broken, more can brew the taste) practice: prepare 500-600CC water will be candied with powderPut the roses in; put them on the fire to heat them up.

銆€銆€A recipe for weight loss recipes. A rose that has the effect of relieving liver and relieving depression. It can protect the liver, promote metabolism, and remove fat. (But the fat it goes is just the fat of the gastrointestinal tract, not already.Subcutaneous sputum).

銆€銆€Candied dates, one of the slimming secret ingredients, provide fiber.

Long-term metabolism, you can go to clear the stool, maintain the normal function of metabolism, of course, can make the skin look tender, and it is not easy to accumulate fat in the body, can achieve the effect of weight loss.

銆€銆€Precautions for weight loss recipes Although the rose has the effect of removing fat, it is not necessary to make too much too strong at one time, otherwise there will be symptoms of abdominal pain and watery diarrhea.

You can put a cup in one day and use it every day. When the sputum is cleared, you can stretch the interval and drink it once or twice a week.

銆€銆€Note: In fact, this kind of tea that causes diarrhea effect is not suitable for long-term continuous contact. Although it will make you feel lighter when it is finished, it is still easy to cause malnutrition, especially for fat-soluble vitamin A., D, E, K are easy to lose, there will be danger of dehydration, so even if it is thin, it will still be thin and dry.