Children drink this bowl of soup in the fall, smart, learn!


Children drink this bowl of soup in the fall, smart, learn!

Autumn is a season of health and tonic, and because the climate is dry, it is more suitable for soup, so the chef will make soup for the family every three or five. Of course, the autumn soup is full of nutrition, so the mix is also very particular, just likeThe kitchen is just like the bowl of soup that everyone brought to you today. It is full of nutrients, good in the middle, and delicious. It looks like people when you look at the table. You can’t help but want to have a drink, especially children.Two bowls, even boasting that the soup is so delicious, hey, in fact, the child is tempted by the color of the ingredients.

Secondly, this combination really tastes good.

Dear friends can give it a try.

Another mushroom, this kind of oyster mushroom is very suitable for children to eat. It is also used to cook soup with the most comprehensive nutrition. It does not make up the damage. Children drink this bowl of soup in the fall, smart, learn!

Parents and friends don’t miss it. This soup is not difficult, and the ingredients are easy to buy, affordable, and they don’t cost much, but they are nutritious. Some people often eat various supplements in order to supplement their nutrition.In fact, there is absolutely no need, and the food supplement is really a supplement.

Just use the snacks and the simplest ingredients to match the most nutritious food.

[Tomato Flammulina Egg Soup]Ingredients: Tomato, Flammulina, Egg, Shallot, Water Starch, Salt, Edible Oil Practice: 1. Wash the tomato clean, cut into small pieces, and wash the mushroom, cut into segments, and put togetheruse.

Pay attention to the fact that you can peel the tomato first.

Burn a pot of water, and after the water is opened, throw the tomato cross into the pot.

Cook until the skin cracks, remove the skin and tear it off.

2, the oil from the pot, put the onion on the scent, then put the tomato, stir fry until the sand.

This process requires more cooking for a while before the tomatoes are released.

3, pour into the water of the tomato, boil the fire, the amount of water can be adjusted according to their own preferences, want to drink more soup, add a little more, very simple.

4, after boiling, add the mushroom to the pot and cook for a minute.

It doesn’t take long, just like eating hot pot, the mushroom is thrown in and cooked.

5, then pour half a bowl of water starch to boil, then pour in the scattered egg liquid, cook a little bit slightly, sprinkle with chopped green onion, you can cook.

A simple and delicious bowl of soup.

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