Careless choice of plastic shoes, dermatitis upper body

Careless choice of plastic shoes, dermatitis upper body

In summer, people like to wear sandals and slippers made of plastic, mainly plastic has the characteristics of light and cool, rain and rain.

But what harm does plastic shoes have on the human body?

  Some people who wear these shoes are prone to “plastic allergies” and cause dermatitis.

At this point, immediately stop wearing plastic shoes, change to cloth shoes, and treat with some anti-allergic drugs at the same time, dermatitis will soon heal.

  How to prevent foot disease caused by plastic shoes?


People with “foot ringworm” are best treated before wearing plastic shoes.


When you buy plastic shoes, you should buy a ventilated style, such as a narrower strap, and most of your toes are bare.


Wearing plastic shoes is best to keep the inside of the shoes as dry as possible.

Some people think that plastic shoes are convenient for both rain and rain. Therefore, after wearing shoes, they often like to rinse with water and then walk wetly. This surrounding environment is easy to create a favorable place for bacteria to reproduce and cause skin infections.


If you wear socks, you should choose socks with better breathability to prevent wearing too tight and infecting athlete’s foot.


Always wash your feet every day, and dry with a dry towel after washing, especially the toe seams.