29 companies were visited by more than 5 institutions in four trading days

29 companies were visited by more than 5 institutions in four trading days

Where did institutional research go in the first four trading days in June?

  In the four trading days, the average of 29 companies won and five institutions focused on the visit. From June 3rd to 6th, the stock index of the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets showed a trend of shock adjustment, the market investment sentiment fell sharply, and the Shanghai index shrank and declined.

45%, the two cities are still dominated by the game of existing funds.

However, institutional research remained enthusiastic during this period.

  ”Securities Daily” reporters found that according to the flush flush statistics, in the four trading days, a total of 71 companies have received institutional surveys (including funds, securities dealers, sunny private equity, insurance, overseas institutions), including Polaroid, HaikangThe 29 internal companies such as Vishay, Origen, Xingqi Eye Medicine, and Shuanglu Pharmaceutical received collective investigations from five or more institutions during the period, which showed that the institutions found that their enthusiasm was still high.

  Specifically, six companies, including Poright, Hikvision, Origen, Xingqi Eye Medicine, Shuanglu Pharmaceutical, and Wen’s Co., Ltd., were eliminated by more than 20 institutions to conduct research. The number of participating institutions reached59, 34, 27, 24, 23 and 21, Lehman Optoelectronics (15), 武汉夜生活网 Invic (14), Yaguang Technology (14), Xianhe shares (13), XieXinjing (12), Bank of Ningbo (12), Antai Technology (12), Zhongke Sanhuan (12), Dabeinong (11) and Zhenxin Technology (10), etc.It has also received a collective survey of 10 institutions and above, in addition, including Jiuyang (9), Foshan Lighting (9), Zhangjiagang (8), * ST Fangu (8), Aojia7 companies) and Miao Kelanduo (7 companies) and 13 internal companies were investigated by 5 or more institutions.

  The performance of these listed companies is generally outstanding, or an important driving force for collective research.

Statistics show that the above 29 companies, in the first quarter of 2019, reported a total of 20 companies with net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company, which accounted for 68.


Among them, Lehman Optoelectronics 四川耍耍网 (1638.

46%), Antai Technology (464.

18%), Jerry shares (224.

56%), * ST Fangu (169.

28%), Xingqi eye drops (141.

52%), GCL Integration (121.

60%), matt technology (114.

50%), Invic (106.

24%) and Miaoke Lando (101.

91%) and other companies in the first quarter of 2019 reported that the net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company has doubled several times.

  Further statistics found that the investment opportunities of the above-mentioned companies in the market outlook were also widely recognized by brokerage institutions.

According to statistics, within the past 30 days, a total of 17 stocks received bullish ratings such as “buy” or “overweight” from brokerage firms. Among them, Wen’s shares (10), Guoxuan Hi-Tech (7), Ningbo Bank (6)), The initial securities brokerage institutions such as Zhongke Sanhuan (6 companies), Jerry (5 companies) and Aojiahua (5 companies) are optimistic that the number of rating companies has reached or exceeded 5.

  For Wen’s shares, Everbright Securities said that Wen’s hog production capacity has steadily increased and it has seized industry dividends.

At the same time, the broiler breeding business is expected to maintain high profitability.

Maintain profit forecast.

The company’s expected earnings for 2019-2021 are: 1.

57 yuan, 3.

31 yuan, 3.

54 yuan.

The entry of the pig cycle into the rising channel promotes the company’s profit. It continues to be optimistic about the company and maintains a “Buy” rating.

  In terms of industry distribution, the 71 companies recently researched by institutions are mainly concentrated in five industries including pharmaceutical biology, chemical industry, machinery and equipment, non-ferrous metals, and electronics. There are 34 institutions surveyed in these five industries, accounting for nearly 50%.

Regarding the future market investment logic of the pharmaceutical biosector, CITIC Construction Investment Securities said that the introduction of key medical reform work in 2019 is conducive to promoting domestic substitution, and carrying out key tasks will help smooth the industry’s industrial chain and guide the healthy development of the pharmaceutical industry.Will maintain a high degree of prosperity.