Why is H7N9 particularly preferred for the elderly?

Why is H7N9 particularly “preferred” for the elderly?

More than half of the 28 infected people in the country are over 60 years old. Why does the H7N9 virus particularly favor the elderly?
銆€銆€Our provincial respiratory experts believe that this does not mean that people of other ages are not easy to feel. Yesterday, two new cases of H7N9 avian influenza virus infection were reported in our province. Their ages are over 50 years old.
A total of 28 infected people diagnosed across the country, the reporter found that 19 infected people are over 50 years old, 15 are over 60 years old, and older people over 60 years old account for more than half.
銆€銆€Is the elderly susceptible to the H7N9 avian influenza virus?
The reporter interviewed Dr. Yan Jianping, the director of the Department of Respiratory Medicine of Zhejiang People’s Hospital. During the SARS epidemic in 2003, Director Yan was a member of the Zhejiang Provincial Expert Group and also participated in the prevention and control of bird flu in our province.
銆€銆€”It is not accurate to say that the H7N9 virus is particularly suitable for the elderly. So far, only 28 cases of infection have been found in the country. It is not scientific to use these 28 patients to summarize the rules.
Director Yan said that medicine is a very rigorous thing. There must be a large number of cases to sum up some rules. This time, the bird flu is a brand new disease, and it is still too early to judge anything.
銆€銆€However, Director Yan introduced that the various influenzaes that were prevalent in the past, the elderly and children are indeed susceptible populations, because these two groups of people have relatively low immunity and are prone to infection.
Whenever the flu strikes, these two groups of people should pay attention to protection and improve their immunity.
銆€銆€Analysis of several cases of death, it can be found that most of the later respiratory distress, decreased lung function and so on.
Many readers are wondering, is it necessary to enhance the exercise of lung function now?
銆€銆€”Some of this statement is upside down.
Pulmonary function is impaired by virus invasion, not by poor lung function.
As long as you develop good living habits and enhance your own immunity, you can do it without the need to increase your lung function.
Director Yan said.
銆€銆€Although there is very little understanding of the H7N9 avian influenza virus, the current situation of the infected person is basically similar to the symptoms of the flu. Therefore, Director Yan suggested that some principles applicable to influenza protection should be used when the bird flu hit.They are also applicable, such as doing a good job of ventilation, washing hands frequently, paying attention to rest and nutrition balance, and less to a closed environment.
銆€銆€”Every flu has a mortality rate. There are only 28 cases. Now, because you can see many deaths, you can feel that the disease is terrible and panic.
My advice is to seek medical advice in the event of discomfort and to help detect the disease early.
Director Yan said that after the emergence of H7N9 virus infection in the country, the provincial people’s hospital’s fever clinic has strengthened its strength, and will promptly send a diagnosis if a suspected case is found.