Do not buy glasses to sell goods

Do not buy glasses to sell goods

Don’t buy glasses to spread the goods through the coming of summer, to protect the eyes against strong light irritated glasses are sought after, but some experts have said that inferior glasses will not only protect the eyes, but will cause vision damage.Brand-name products, don’t buy land for cheap.

  According to the optometrist at the Eye Center of the Hospital, the most important criterion for the quality of eyeglasses is their ability to protect against ultraviolet rays, but it is difficult for people to judge the quality of eyeglasses based on their senses. He reminded people to go to a professional eyewear store to buy a brandproduct.

  The optometrist said that when people put on sunglasses, a dark room effect will form around the eyes and the pupils will enlarge.

  If the sunglasses are not well protected from UV rays, it can easily cause damage to the human eye and severely cause cataracts.

Although the stalls are cheap, many of them are not well protected from UV rays.

  Optometrists say that not everyone is suitable for wearing sunglasses.

Glaucoma patients and infants are not suitable to wear, infants and young children’s visual system is not mature, and the vision of children with glasses affects, so children under 6 years of age is not recommended.