Toys can be decompressed in the office


Toys can be decompressed in the office

Work is too tired, there is no way to play computer games, mad coffee, to fight the spirit. These white-collar workers often act in the office to alleviate the pressure of intense work, but nowadays too many white-collar alternatives are used.Some simple little toys to decompress.

銆€銆€A clerk of Miss Nanjing, a clerk of a company in Nanjing, recently appeared in a Rubik’s Cube.

She said that this was accidentally discovered in the supermarket. The price was very low. As long as she had three dollars and brought her to the office, Miss Zhou and her colleagues had new contents during the lunch break.

銆€銆€On the coaxial side of Miss Xu, a rounded cartoon cushion is her favorite, completely soft, and the shape is still a lively and lovely bear. Pulling its zipper can spread it into a small blanket, as long as she feels tired, of course.This bear is much more comfortable.

The reporter found that these toys are gradually coming into the working environment of the office building.

A white-collar worker told reporters that unlike the previous sneak peek at computer games, the popularity of small toys now means that people can more rationally adjust their work pressure.