11 easiest ways to prevent disease

11 easiest ways to prevent disease

Sometimes, health does not require big fanfare. A small action or a small event can become an unexpected health catalyst. According to the latest report from the US MSNBC website, the following 12 small events will only take you as little as a few seconds,As long as a few minutes, their health benefits are far beyond your imagination.


Smirking increases blood circulation by 21%.

The latest research from the University of Texas in the United States shows that those who laugh heartily when watching comedy will increase the blood circulation rate by 21%, and the effect can last for 24 hours.

And when they watch serious documentaries, the blood circulation speed drops by 18%.

“So, find a ‘smile’ in life,” said Dr. David Katz, director of the Yale Center for Preventive Research.


Brushing and flossing reduces the incidence of head and neck tumors by 80%.

Taking care of both ends of your teeth will give you a more beautiful appearance. A new study from Roswell Parker Cancer Research Center in New York shows that long-term dental disease caused 80% of head tumors.

The method of eliminating pathogenic bacteria in the oral cavity is simple. Regularly brush your teeth and clean the teeth with dental floss.


Making tea in pots reduces strokes by 20%.

Research from the University of California, Los Angeles School of Medicine has shown that people who drink more than three cups of tea a day have a 20% lower risk of stroke than those who drink one cup of tea.

Absolute black tea green tea, where tea polyphenols and amino acids can provide better protection for blood vessels and arteries.


Write a thank you letter and increase your happiness index by 20%.

If you really want to thank someone, write the words of gratitude, no matter what the form.

This is more than verbal thanks, giving more room for aftertaste.

A study by the University of Kent in the United States found that “written” gratitude makes both parties feel happier. The immune system, lungs, and liver health will also improve, as well as unexpected effects such as lowering blood pressure and maintaining body shape.


Graffiti improves memory by 29%.

When listening to the same recording, those who wrote with a pen and graffiti could remember 29% more than those who did not write or draw.

Such a study was published in Applied Cognitive Psychology.

Professor Jack Underhard of the University of Plymouth in the United Kingdom said that those who seem to listen very carefully during the conversation are most likely daydreaming; those who follow the handwriting draw are always locked in the meeting.


Setting the doctor’s phone to fast dial reduces the chance of misdiagnosis by 25%.

There are also times when doctors see a doctor.

If you are a chronic patient, you can save the doctor’s phone number to the fast dial of the mobile phone.

If you have any questions about the treatment plan, you have the right to call to ask clearly.

This is not nonsense. A study published in the “Internal Medicine Literature” showed that reconfirming the treatment plan with the doctor can reduce the chance of misdiagnosis and missed diagnosis by 25%.


Grip your lover’s hand and reduce the stress by half.

A study by the American Psychiatric Association states that a hug and clasped lover’s hand are the best remedies for stress.

Especially when you are nervous, holding your familiar hands can change your blood pressure and heart rate, which will make you more relaxed and relieved.


Practicing yoga reduces back pain by 56%.

Research from the University of West Virginia shows that for people with mild or moderate back pain, 90 minutes of yoga twice a week can reduce back pain by 56% and reduce depression index by 60%.
If you do not have the conditions to practice yoga, lie down and relax, and let every part of the body as close to the bed as possible, it can also relieve back pain.
Grilled fish for dinner reduced the risk of dementia by 19%.

One for 1.

Studies conducted by 50,000 people have shown that people who eat fish more than once a week have a 19% lower risk of dementia than the average person.

In particular, omega-3 fatty acids in deep-sea fish can inhibit the protection of nerve cells.

Fresh fish, sprinkled with salt and lemon juice when grilled, is already delicious.


Drink milk for breakfast and lose 4.

5 pounds.

Assigning lunch and dinner transients to breakfast, such as drinking a large glass of milk at breakfast, can save you 4 in a year.

5 pounds of body weight.

The study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, showed that milk can provide satiety and reduce other food intake.


Drink a glass of red wine for 5 years.

A 40-year Dutch study of 1,300 men showed that people who drink half a glass of red wine a day live five years longer than people who don’t.

The polyphenols in wine have a good heart-protecting function, and a small amount of alcohol can also increase the amount of cholesterol and help drive away plaque in the blood vessels.

Drinking half to two cups per day is a suitable amount.