Inventory of 7 kinds of small healing recipes of kelp

Inventory of 7 kinds of small healing recipes of kelp

Kelp is one of the most common foods for us, and it is good for cold salad or soup.

Eating kelp often has many benefits, and kelp also helps to treat hyperlipidemia.

Here’s a little recipe for kelp cures.

  Kelp is a vegetable with high nutritional value. When Chinese medicine is used for medicine, it is called kumbu.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that kelp-like salty cold has the functions of softening and firming, reducing phlegm, asthma, passing diuresis, reducing fat and blood pressure, etc., so eating kelp often is good for your health.


For treatment of hyperlipidemia, take kelp, 150 grams each of mung beans, and brown sugar.

Cook kelp and mung beans until they are cooked and season with brown sugar, 2 times a day.


For treatment of hypertension, take kelp, 30 grams of cassia grass, decoction, eat kelp and drink soup, or take an appropriate amount of kelp, dry it and grind it, boil water, 3 times a day, 5 grams each time, use 1?
3 for 1 course per month.


For treatment of constipation, take 60 grams of kelp, soak it and cook it, add appropriate amount of condiments, take it daily, take 1 dose daily.


For chronic pharyngitis, take 300 grams of kelp, and appropriate sugar.

Wash the kelp, shred them, remove them with boiling water, marinate with sugar for 3 days, and eat 30 grams each morning and evening.


Treatment of skin itching to take kelp 60?
90 grams, 150?
250 grams, add water and simmer until cooked, season with salt, eat twice.


To treat osteoporosis, take 150 grams of kelp and 1000 grams of pork bones, add them to a pressure cooker, add 2000 milliliters of water, boil and simmer in high heat, season with spices and serve.


For the treatment of auntie liver, take an appropriate amount of kelp silk, an animal spine, and an appropriate amount of spices.

Wash the kelp shreds and steam them first; the animal spine stew soup, skimming the floating foam after the soup is opened, add the kelp shreds and simmer, season with seasoning.

  Kelp diet taboo 1, do not drink tea immediately after eating kelp (tea contains residual acid), and do not immediately eat sour fruits (acid fruits contain plant acids).

Because kelp is rich in iron, these two foods will hinder the absorption of iron in the body.

  2. Patients with hyperthyroidism should not eat kelp, because the content of iodine in kelp is rich, which will aggravate the disease.

  3, pregnant women and nursing mothers do not eat kelp.

This is because the iodine in the kelp can enter the plasma and the baby with the blood circulation, causing thyroid dysfunction.