Demystifying the question Do you love me

Demystifying the question “Do you love me”

Incomprehensible men can never understand why women are so troublesome, or why their memory is so bad, why they asked questions yesterday, and asked again today.
  In fact, it is really difficult for men to understand women, because they and women have very different ways of thinking.
It is foolish for a man to ask a word many times, just like asking someone’s age several times a day.
  However, the phrase “Do you love me” has a very rich meaning to a woman, and its weight is far greater than the simple “I love you”.
When a woman is tender-hearted, flirtatious, charming, or pouting, and arrogantly asks a man this cute question, she can usually express three kinds of information.
The first is “I love you, I care about you”; the second is “I know you love me too, if you don’t love me, I won’t ask you this kind of boring question”; the third one is the mostThe important message is, “Since you love me, why don’t you tell me something sweet?
“Women in love don’t really care about men’s answers.
Because they have a winning hand before they ask this sentence, and have complete control of the situation, or only if a woman is completely sure that a man loves himself deeply, she will never tire of asking such a boring sentence.
So women don’t care about the outcome, but the process.
  In addition, women who often like to make their boyfriend swear to God often have a distrustful attitude towards love, and often confirm their love by the other party’s vow.
However, when the vow becomes a formulaic answer, women will painstakingly look for new vows, as Shakespeare once said: “A man’s vow will only make a woman betray him!
“So, for men, there are usually many effective solutions to the situation.
The first type is enthusiastic, that is, fully expressing their passion and literary skills, and expressing appreciation, love and praise without disguise.
However, if the words are too flashy, they usually appear not sincere and lack of realism, which will greatly reduce the satisfaction of women.
The second type is stable and heavy. The first is to show affectionately and to show concern and thoughtfulness in action. This type often makes women most satisfied.
The third is the calm type, that is, telling the truth about the truth and telling women that love does not need to be said every day, it is in mind.
Although women will be a little lost, they will accept it.
In fact, all of them are good, but don’t pretend to be indifferent, because it is not only her that is hit, but also the feelings.
  For any man, learning to accept this test is a compulsory course on the emotional road.
A man who has not been challenged by a woman like this has not obtained true love.