Can Rupixiao and Xiaoyao pills be taken at the same time?

Can Rupixiao and Xiaoyao pills be taken at the same time?

Breast hyperplasia is the most common breast cancer disease in women, and its incidence is the highest in breast disease.

In recent years, the incidence of the disease has been increasing year by year, and the age is getting younger and younger.

According to surveys about 70%?
80% of women have different degrees of breast hyperplasia. We should know enough about breast hyperplasia and found that it should be timely. Here are two good medicines for breast hyperplasia introduced here: Rupixiao and Xiaoyao Pill.Can Rupixiao and Xiaoyao pills be eaten together?

  The role of milk habit elimination is a Chinese patent medicine specifically for breast hyperplasia. The main effect is to relieve liver qi and eliminate spleen. The main ingredients are Chaihu, Xiangfu, Baiji, seaweed, kelp, etc., clinicalThe effect is pretty good.

Xiaoyao Pill has the main functions of relieving liver and qi, nourishing blood, and strengthening the spleen and stomach. The ingredients are Bupleurum, Cannonball Ginger, Atractylodes, Xiangfu, Mint, etc. Modern research has found that it can regulate the function of the hypothalamus to balance the endocrine effect.

  Xiaoyao Pill’s effects and effects on breast cancer: Breasts have slightly rounded nodules of varying sizes, unclear borders, firm or cystic sexy, and can be moved, especially during the premenstrual period, and after menstruation.Replacement or disappearance of breast lobular hyperplasia and cystic hyperplasia diagnosed by Western medicine, is called taking Xiaoyao pills.

  Can Rupixiao and Xiaoyao Pill be eaten together?

  The combined use of Rupixiao and Xiaoyao Pills, 3 times a day, can be used to evacuate menstruation and relieve analgesia, which can achieve certain effects.

For breast pain type, lobular hyperplasia type and fibroadenoid type without fibroadenoma-like nodules, oral Jiawei Xiaoyao Pill or Wuji Baifeng Pill can be taken twice a day, and the pain symptoms disappear on average after taking 1 week.After 2 weeks of ingestion, most of the masses shrank or disappeared.